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The Pollyanna Principle
The Pollyanna Principle
Aphasia Sunrise
Independence Day
The currency converter
The Sink hole
How long does it take
Three Quarks For Muster Mark
Office of emergency
Multitudes Marching
Three Quarks For Muster Mark
Totentanz-A world only lit by fire

contact: skuppalet@gmail.com, c/o Rehab-Shop gallery, Karl Johansgatan 22a, 41459 Göteborg

The Pollyanna Principle

Arbetet med den här utställningen utgår ifrån våra försök att förstå hur bygget av den värld som skulle skapa välstånd och trygghet för flertalet lämnade oss ensamma och berövade på …

First and Last and Always

Galleri Rehab-Shop
20 oktober – 5 november
(Öppet tisdag, torsdag 12-16, lördag 12-15)
“En plötslig lust att gravera i sten infann sig vid åminnelsen av Karl Hedvalls och hans familjs

Bergspredikan från gatan, Pytias stemmer Cph.

Performance/ Reading as part of the project Voices of Pythia, initiative Syndicate of Creatures, Copenhagen. Nordic Artist was invited during a period of 2 years to perform a speech directed …

All These Bright and Hazy Mornings, Break On Through To the Other Side, Exhibition by Signe Vad.

The artist-curators Skup Palet have invited Signe Vad to show at VSA for GIBCA Extended 2021
Opening Saturday the 4.9 at 12-16.00, 4 september – 26 september 2021

VSA – …

OOE as a new nordic initiative!

Office of emergency, OOE, Copenhagen has created a joint force initiative where we will be partners along with offices in Iceland and Greenland.

OoE will be constructed as a physical …

Office of emergency, Copenhagen

Finally the launch of Office of Emergency happened. Initiated by Syndicate of Creatures (DK) and Skup Palet (SE), this project space is set up to run in Copenhagen with lectures, …

Guro Olsdotter Gjøl

Guro Olsdotter Gjøl arbetar med universums storhet genom att undersöka dess mest oansenliga beståndsdelar. Utställningen Praktisk fysik består av en serie arbeten som på olika sätt förhåller sig till tid. …

Anna Liljedal@Rehab-shop

Trailer for the installation “Underströmmar (valens väg)” by Anna Liljedal from Anna Liljedal on Vimeo.…

Aphasia Sunrise, Johan Jönson reading at rehabshop

Winter Earth samples were collected from different sites and planted under botanic grow lights. Windows and door blocked out and speakers mounted on the outside. Swedish poet Johan Jönson were …

Sockerbruket exit




The human body, understood as a battleground for self-construction in a geohistorical and sociopolitical setting, is subject for critical thought in both philosophical and artistic practice. Addressed as inseparable from …

Rehab-Shop feat Rita Nettelstad

I utställningen visar Rita Nettelstad en serie: video, teckning, skulptur och text. Hennes konstnärskap har länge rört sig i ett undersökande av det osynliga. I den här utställningen fördjupar Nettelstad …

Rehab-Shop, Växthotellet feat Felicia Lindgren

Om författaren här lånar sin ”kultur” till det amorösa subjektet, så erbjuder det amorösa subjektet henne i gengäld oskulden i sin repertoar av bilder, likgiltig inför kunskapens värdighet.

This is …

How long does it take to look at a painting, showing at Rehabshop

This is a video work and installation by Skup Palet. The video builds on a common dirty joke, told in a lengthy manner without a firm punch line. The main …

Rehab-Shop feat Johanna Arvidsson

–> Johanna Arvidsson <–

”Varje historiskt ögonblick har sina egna kulturella koder. De bilder som skapas i samhället är ett viktigt historiskt material och en del av det som har …

Rehab-shop feat Rickard Eklund



Rehab shop

The idea of a rehab shop is defined from a general need to define culture as a healing agent for all that went wrong. A post-everything room. Rehab shop is …

En kommunal koreografi

Här finns inget nytt att se, inga samhällslösningar att upptäcka, ingen nytta alls att tala om. Så måste det vara. Kapitalismen har erövrat alla alternativ, ockuperat vår lidelse och smärta.

Totentanz – A world only lit by fire and The currency converter

A world only lit by fire. This was a performance in an old mine, running almost 80 meters underground. The title was borrowed from the fairytale of The Pied Piper

Clandestine Goodies

Initiated by Ställbergs gruva in collaboration with GIBCA, FRISTAD, ASYLSTAFETTEN and Not Quite, we and hey its Enrico Pallazzo!, were eager to join in and support this clandestine event. Not …

Multitudes Marching at VSA , GIBCA extended

We (Anna Ganslandt/Jan Pilgaard) chose to participate with a videoinstallation at VSA for the Göteborg Biennale extended.


Contemporary art has an odd inheritance: A fragmented world of
site-specific truths …

A Poet’s Follies

A Poet´s Follies var ett samarbete mellan konstnären Mattew Rana och Skup Palet aka Anna Ganslandt och Jan Pilgaard.  Det ägde till största delen rum inom den arbetsplattform som Skup …

Independence Day

This work was commisioned by GIL, an organization for disabled indivudals. Inspired by  the blockbuster movie of 1996, Independence Day, we used fragments from the origanal script, and transferred them …

Meetingpoint October 2012

We were very happy to be hosting a “curator meets local artist speed dating” event at Hey Its Enrico Pallazzo. Here is a little documentation from a great day. Hope …

Three quarks for muster Mark, alt_cph 10

Anna Ganslandt (SWE), Jan Pilgaard (DK)

This is the picture we are working with: A third-grade school classroom is positioned in the center of the art fair, and the …

The Tourist Info

When we first started to explore the idea of a tourist information, the artistic practice were being investigated and used in a way similar to the one of the tourist. …

How long does it take to look at a painting

This is a video work and installation by Skup Palet. The video builds on a common dirty joke, told in a lengthy manner without a firm punch line. The main …

Skup Palet – VSA

We have, for some time now, been spending increasing hours at a new town adress. We have chosen to take a special interest in the organization VSA, which is a …

The Tourist Info, day 117

I came to the office just after my morning coffee. I checked the
weather forecast, which was disappointing as usual. No matter, I
knew it would be a lot of …

A Memorial on the Occasion of the Death of the Public

This seminar was an initiative and collaboration between Matthew Rana, Skup Palet and students from Valand school of art. This is a few excerpts from the event at Hey Its …

Guiding Lights

Friday 14 october

A work divided between two locations.


År 2002 genomfördes ett experiment Lunds Tekniska Högskola. Man ville undersöka om det går att beräkna gånghastighet i förhållande till …

Frustration Canon @ Hey, it’s Enrico Pallazzo

A joined reconstruction of “Frustration Canon” with our colleages from Hey Its Enrico Pallazzo, autumn 2009.
This piece was origannally performed during a weekend, at the art fair Altcph, Denmark…

Multiple Gradient

“The undivided whole is effectively a single pole operation — the nondual nature of consciousness. It would appear to be cyclic. Realities will thus be expected to be structured out

Autonomous Zone

400 g chicken hearts
1 bottle of Priorat; Manyetes 2006, clos mogador

The wine is to be injected into the chicken hearts by a young man. Use a

Homage to a Dead Beast

Experimenting within the idea of a Construction site

22 April – 25 April 2011
Open most hours

1916-09-13: Mary the Elephant is hanged by the neck in Erwin Tennessee. …

Denne engstelige mann med et skjegg spunnet av sommerfugler

Åbi Berglund (SWE)

Hey, it’s Enrico Pallazzo, 8 april – 17 april 2011

The exhibition ”denne engstelige mann med et skjegg spunnet av sommerfugler” (This anxious man with a …

Your mentality is alert, practical and analytical

Andreas Vesterlund, Skup Palet NYC-office, arrives in GBG Fri 11.11.11 at 11 am. Brings wallpaper with artichokes and palm trees, a piece of floor and some tools.

11/10/2011 – YOUR

Ett samtal om makt, bildning och kunskap

Hey, It’s Enrico Pallazzo, 5 mars kl 17-20

Med utgångspunkt i en problematisering av begreppen bildning och kunskap bjuder Aktivering Jämställdhet, Textival och Skup Palet in till en föreläsning, …

A Resonant Tomb

Barrie James Sutcliffe (CAN)

Vernissage Nov 27 at 16-20

A motorized sound installation for valve radios and medium-wave transmitters expresses relationships between space, distance, and loss. Through the use of …


I dagarna installerar Varv sig på Hey, it’s Enrico Pallazzo vid Klippan i Göteborg och Torsdag 25 november är det invigning för den temporära bokhyllan/affären. Billig bar.

Hey, it’s Enrico

Graden av uppfyllnad

Guro Olsdotter Gjøl (no), Jakob Sjöstedt (swe)

Vernissage fre 15 okt kl 18

Graden av uppfyllnad är ett samarbete mellan konstnärerna Jakob Sjöstedt och Guro Olsdotter Gjøl. Arbetet föddes …

It starts with a melody then comes the cockroaches

Alfred Boman, Duda Bebek, Elin Elfström, Henning Hamilton, Guido Pierri, Karl Norin, Jim Thorell, Tommy Sveningsson

It starts with a melody then comes the cockroaches är en samling plats- och …

Border Reverb

Raul Gschrey, Moustache Collectif, Helen Turner, Ashley Wong

Curated by Benoît Loiseau & Joanna Figiel

Border Reverb is the result of an ongoing collaboration between Beyond Borders Network and LDN/BRU

Virtuellt vatten, the road movie

Virtuellt vatten

Markus Anteskog (swe)

Markus Anteskog angriper med sin utställning Virtuellt Vatten landskapsmåleriet utifrån påverkan från människan. Under en resa till Aralsjön har konstnären illustrerat ett av jordens mest kontaminerade områden …

Hey! it’s TEXTFEST

Textival och Hey, It’s Enrico Pallazzo arrangerar Textfest i Hey, It’s Enrico Pallazzos lokaler på Banehagsgatan 1P.

Lördag 6 mars från kl 20 till sent.

Läs mer på textival.wordpress.com

Dip to Black

Sara Lännerström (SWE), Jesper Norda (SWE)

Det är mycket länge sedan. När det svarta var riktigt svart och det grå var vackert och släppte igenom ljus. En man sover i

300m³ @ Hey, it’s Enrico Pallazzo: sailing experiment

Diane Morin (CAN)

Use the material found on site. Install lines at equal distance form each other. Amplify the sound of objects moving on those lines. Break down the movement

How to write like Walter Benjamin

Mateusz Pozar (SWE)

How to write like Walter Benjamin is a series of videos which purport to teach the viewer how to write art theory, using Walter Benjamins 1935 essay …

Book release

What do you mean by that METAPHOR – Photography 2006-2009

Signe Vad (dk)

This Friday Skup Palet presents the release of an artist-book by Signe Vad, a Danish photographer, visual …

Rebel with out a cause

Anna Ganslandt (swe), Fredrik Ganslandt (swe)

Carl Gustaf Christer Pettersson
23 april 1947 – 29 september 2004

Käraste över allt!

Vill berätta att jag är både samlad och upprörd. Upprörd …

Frustration Canon, alt_cph 09

A message to be found

Mateusz Pozar (SWE), Olle Essvik (SWE)

“Instead of writing an email or sending a text that will arrive instantaneously, send a postcard that won’t arrive until you want it to. …

Frustration Canon, in preparation

Jan Pilgaard (DK), Anna Ganslandt (SWE), Mateusz Pozar (SWE), Mark Melvin (UK), Pär Fridén (SWE)

“All theories of time confront two inevitabilities: first the inevitability of sequentiality and the impossibility

It’s a Wonderful World Here Too

5 – 19 september

Carson Brainstorm

Carson Brainstorm är en duo från Göteborg som arbetar med röstspel, poesi, performance och improvisationsmusik. Duon består av Hans Carbe och Johnny Larsson. Hans Carbe är bildkonstnär. I hans bildvärld …

Till vem som helst, till vad som helst

In one of the corners of the space, just behind the bardisk, a piece of art has been attached to the concrete wall. This piece was removed from a park-installation …

Skup Palet: from the Polish phrase ”We buy pallets”

A historical narrative is written along an axis where key points can be created on purpose or happen at random.

The emergence of the pallet in Europe can be traced back to the Allied landfall on Normandy during the Second World War. It proved to be such an effective way of getting materials to the front line that even after the war it was adapted for civilian purposes. Initially the dimensions were decided upon based on those of a train cart, a measurement dictated by the width of the train tracks, historically based on horse-drawn carriages. This measurement dates back to Roman times, when the width of a a single road equalled that of two horses side by side. Today the pallet is used more commonly for transportation allowing movement from place to place.

Skup Palet is an idea; an idea that art should provide alternative thought, as a tool to articulate knowledge from a specialist field. Skup Palet can be a place, a one person initiative or a group collaboration. Skup Palet provides a context to investigate something without constraints and without the limiting framework of reaching a finished product or tangible result. It can also be a conversation, a piece of music, a drawing, a resistance or a fleeting thought. Skup Palet aims to facilitate opportunities for practioners to assume other identities and access other communities and forums to engage in dialogue to inspire new perspectives.

Skup Palet believe that art doesn’t have to be dictated by a commission with a finished product in mind. We believe in adopting a more experimental process that permeates and shapes ideas and works as much as any commission. Contemporary art attempts to mimic or assimilate itself into a pre-existing Western mode of production, as if by necessity. But are there are other ways to do this? An answer could be to create an unassailable space for unnecessary things. Creative thinking doesn’t necessarily need consensus, but relies on collective action.

Skup Palet isn’t a gallery but has a gallery space. They are currently based at Hey, It’s Enrico Pallazzo, in Gothenburg, Sweden, contributing to a network of commercial creators and clients, both private and public.

Skup Palet is initiated and run by Anna Ganslandt and Jan Pilgaard.