Clandestine Goodies

Initiated by Ställbergs gruva in collaboration with GIBCA, FRISTAD, ASYLSTAFETTEN and Not Quite, we and hey its Enrico Pallazzo!, were eager to join in and support this clandestine event. Not only for its good cause. To repeatedly raise questions towards the fact that many groups in society have to settle for less room to maneuver than others, is a duty. But to dress up these questions in charter ideology and colorful prints, is for us even more appropriate, being in the tourist trade for some time now.

The chartered Sunday trip started with boarding Rätt Buss outside the Pallazzo at 11 pm. The journey did of course contain a very convincing and enthusiastic tour guide, refreshments, snacks, singing on board and weather reports about the outside temperatures from our bus driver. At arrival to our hosts in Fängesfors, Not Quite offered a pleasant guided tour around their premises where a peak at the downtown center across the road was included. A delicious lunch was then served, a lunch as inviting and warm as the shared stories from our fellow passengers about what is it like to NOT exist in Sweden today. The documented material cannot be displayed here, only some portraits taken with Jan’s magical Alanya shades. But the soundtrack for the journey home is on display here.

Big thanks to DJ M and H. Our legs are still pleasantly hurting from readjusting dance moves to lurches from the bus. Hope to see you soon.