Book release

What do you mean by that METAPHOR – Photography 2006-2009

Signe Vad (dk)

This Friday Skup Palet presents the release of an artist-book by Signe Vad, a Danish photographer, visual artist and curator based in Copenhagen. The artist will be present at Hey, it’s Enrico Pallazzo to talk about her recent work. The book release will be accompanied by a reopening of the exhibition Dip to Black by Sara Lännerström and Jesper Norda, since the original opening was partially cancelled due to the extreme weather. There will be music and the bar will be open as well.

Signe Vad works with basic existential issues linked to what it means to be a human being. She approaches this from different angles, either directly as with her series The Decisive Moment — staged self portraits where the cable release is a metaphor for the choice of moment — or through staged video loops and photographs, addressing a more symbolical state of being; Trapped in one’s own decisions, and the consequences they have on one’s life

She is interested in the restrictions which we experience when trapped in our own consciousness, as well as the influence which society and culture exerts on us. The existential questions remain in focus, particularly the way they manifest via our actions in a community.

The book is the result of collaboration between Signe Vad and Black Box Gallery with great help from Studio and Black Book Publication.

Hey, it’s Enrico Pallazzo Friday 26 at 18.00