Multitudes Marching at VSA , GIBCA extended

We (Anna Ganslandt/Jan Pilgaard) chose to participate with a videoinstallation at VSA for the Göteborg Biennale extended.


Contemporary art has an odd inheritance: A fragmented world of
site-specific truths and a subject that no longer can speak. This state
of affairs is the starting point for the video Multitudes Marching.
Is it at all possible to make art in circumstances so unconditional that
history is superfluous and any personal statement is mistrusted? There
is no space in such a contradictorily structure for any obvious
distinctions between internal and external expression, nor between the
original and the banal.
This breakdown, and the resulting chaos, precludes the creation of
something new. In this social setting, the artist is mere staffage.
Multitudes Marching, grieves the loss of a resolute voice and a space where ones
personal mythology can stand unchallenged. Nothing replaces what is
lost, and only a vacuum remains. It is for the viewer to think about
what happens when we abandon the only thing we can know something about:
The imprint left on us by experience.

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