The Tourist Info

When we first started to explore the idea of a tourist information, the artistic practice were being investigated and used in a way similar to the one of the tourist. I am talking here about a specific context, the artistic practice being appreciated and used by other economies to gain certain methods or vice versa. Other economies, here (in SP /Hiep) defined as commercial practice, can be replaced by an institution or public space where a commission is based on agreements of production inside a fixed structure. In this different kind of agreements, headlining the remitter is sometimes to fill the receiver with certain expectations. This ‘’prewiew’’ worked in contradiction with our aims. It became almost impossible to reach out for that moment when a random meeting in the public space or inside a context of thought exchange between practices, wasn´t colored by ‘’we are artists, this is art’’. So what would happen if we put those same efforts, same thoughts about our own production or non-production into another sphere, with another expected outcome? The tourist information.

A tourist is, by the world tourism organization, defined as an individual visiting a geographical place outside his/her national registration for at least 24 h and for his/her pleasure only. Translated into practice you do not become a banker if you incorporate your artistic practice in banking, as long as you still define your natural habitat elsewhere. To work with these positions we drew up an imaginary map of the different vocational methods inside the house and stipulated an idea for our own starting point. On such a spot it was no longer necessary to behave like you do ‘’at home’’ but rather explore the custom of the place visited. As a tourist you can either blend in or ask the way. In other words, the approach to the new area is individual. Even so, as ‘’countrymen’’ you chare an amount of comprehension and your arguments about how and when is always taking place inside this shared knowledge. The tourist information, a thought for which we among other things built a small mobile tourist unit and a Target Range, was a way to use language to change some given parameters. Renaming our practice provided another kind of expectations, with a new set of possibilities in breaking them, less intimidating than the art context but with the exact same validity.

The tourist info will have opening hours dictated under wheather conditions and will during the summer be hosting a wide variety of unpredictable events.