OOE as a new nordic initiative!

Office of emergency, OOE, Copenhagen has created a joint force initiative where we will be partners along with offices in Iceland and Greenland.

OoE will be constructed as a physical Nordic Network with a common digital platform. It is a basic framework where actors from the selfeorganized cultural life are represented in all Nordic countries. OoE shall consist of an exhibition platform and an artistic research platform and bring together a number of autonomous, but in their formulation, linked projects under a common umbrella. This will benefit practitioners and clients, educations and other actors who seek collaboration within a common area of competence and interest.

The purpose of Office of Emergency is to create an art project, a shared space and Nordic network that facilitates art and dialogue projects addressing the climate crisis and the need for drastic change in our future ways of living. Artists all over the world are already addressing the climate crisis. The huge variety of artistic approaches is an invaluable contribution to public discourse. OoE aims to disseminate an artistic antidote to frustration and apathy in the face of the unthinkable extinction of life as we know it.