Homage to a Dead Beast

Experimenting within the idea of a Construction site

22 April – 25 April 2011
Open most hours

1916-09-13: Mary the Elephant is hanged by the neck in Erwin Tennessee.

2011-04-14: Conversation taking place between P and A.
2011-04-17: P calls A three times. No answer.
2011-04-18: A calls P one time. No answer.
2011-04-19: J texts P. P texts J.
2011-04-20: J is thinking about a sound system. P is collecting something. A is writing a text. J calls P. P calls A. A calls P two times. Nobody answers.
2011-04-21: P calls A five times. No answer. A borrows J:s phone and calls P. Time set for 2011-04-22 11.00 am.

09.57: P calls A about a cancelled train. Time set for 12.00 am.

12.31: P calls A from site. A. still home taking shower. J is blow-drying hair.
12.46: P is picking up A. J is walking.
12.58: Meeting on site
12.20: Pallet is placed in the center of the space.
12.21: A is smoking outside
12.21: J is smoking in the kitchen area
12.21: P is sitting down on pallet
12.33: J place speakers on pallet. P is on the phone. A is smoking outside.
12.41: J place keyboard, monitor, 5 beta tapes and some plastic cover on the pallet. P is telling A about the strange behavior of a seahorse in love.
12.53: P and J carry big boxes from the east-German interrogation-room. A is moving more beta tapes from the sawdust room. All items are placed on the pallet.
13.09: plywood and particle boards are placed against the walls, some small, some bigger.
13.31: a ladder is not moved
13.44: things on the pallet are arranged in symmetric shapes. Then they are rearranged.
14.01: the pallet is becoming a mobile system for monitoring something or for collecting information.
14.14: More techniques are placed on the pallets. Monitors, speakers, different device found in the building. Many boxes of beta tapes.
14.16: A retreat.

Mary weighed 5 tons. First attempt to hang her resulted in a snapped chain causing her to fall and break her hip.

15.31: looking through video files on P:s computer. Africa
16.38: J is placing a lot of different cables on the pallet
16.40: A is outside smoking
16.43: P is drinking coffee
16.44: JT, PS arrives
17.54: things have to be moved
17.55: working as if, breaking it down, building it up
18.04: transferring video to beta tapes.
19.36: T and a stranger arrive. T wants to cook. Or eat. JT is placing a string of led lights under the Pallet
19.42: a portrait of Mary is projected on a pillar, from the pallet. Something needs to reach out
19.46: side-scene is rearranged

…and so forth